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Still Haven't Done Much...

Posted at Thu, 10 Mar 2005, 23:37:10

While today was technically my first day of lessons and stuff I still haven't got much done. I had a tutorial for my "Introduction to Multimedia and the Web" module, the work for which I completed in about 15 minutes. It was basically "open a new document. find the University logo. find some urls to some stuff. find a book online and in the library. save the document", so easy stuff, really. Then I just had a look around the system to see what was installed and so on. Firefox wasn't installed - only Internet Explorer - so I just downloaded Portable Firefox (Google it) to my flash drive. No way am I going to use IE :P

Then I had a lecture for Professional & Business Skills in which they were basically saying "omfg we screwed up timetables!" so nothing's really happening for that this week. I had a tutorial for it at 3pm and it lasted a whole ten minutes because we had nothing to do. Got to print off a couple of things for next week though.

And then the lecture/tutorial, whichever it was, for that... other... module... was cancelled so yay. Whatever.

Just sat around coding Web2Messenger again this evening, with an hour or two on the new StuffPlug site design (the Bug Manager was written by me so I had to update the bug manager's design to match the new site's)... And we've just finished watching 50 First Dates in the kitchen. Woot. Or something.

Still need to go shopping sometime... Tomorrow probably :P

Bed now, though. Totally wrecked. Really shouldn't be this tired but there's ntohing I can do about it...

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