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Queues are evil

Posted at Tue, 27 Sep 2005, 22:33:54

Only a short post today, sorry. I've been painfully busy today and that theme will continue until Friday, I believe.

I woke up feeling rotten again. It was probably nerves but it meant that I couldn't eat breakfast. I hate not having breakfast on a good day. This day just got worse and worse.

I left my room at about 9:45 to find the room where I was supposed to be having some Computer Studies induction talks. I either mis-read it or the sheet of paper was wrong, as I'm sure that the sheet said a room in G block while it was actually in a room in J block. Whatever. It doesn't help that all the buildings were recently renamed from the easy letters system (A block, B block, etc) to various names. G block is now Rhonnda while J block is now Tâf. Totally random. The rooms are still labelled with the old system, though, so you get rooms like J233 in Tâf building. Luckily we were given a little table listing the block letters and their new names so we can easily work out where we're supposed to be going. The room numbers are simple enough, though, with the first number just representing the floor number, where 1 is the ground floor. Of course because the university is built on a rather steep hill on one side of Rhonnda building you enter on the ground floor, and on the other you enter on the second floor. Wonderful. Anyway I spent from 10am til 1pm in meetings etc. I was also given my timetable, which reveals an absense of lectures/etc on two days - Wednesdays and Fridays if memory serves. Not too bad, though by that point I really needed to eat something.

Unfortunately at 1pm I had to get in the queue to get enrolled. "This shouldn't take too long", I thought to myself, despite the fact that we were queuing out the door and halfway up the hill. How wrong I was. After an hour of queuing I at last got to a woman who gave my enrolment form (which I had completed in one of the aforementioned meetings) a preliminary check. I really wished that everything was over then, but no. It was 2pm and I had to join ANOTHER queue. This time it was twice as long and four times as slow. I finally enrolled at 5:40. Yes. Over 4½ hours of queuing. My legs were killing me by the end of that and I was bloody starving. I got back to my room at 5:50, just in time to leave for the halls of residence meeting that was taking place at 6:00. Went to that, it was as expected really, though I did find out some useful stuff such as information regarding where the hell the fridge that I ordered is ("We ordered 200 mini fridges. The other day the supplier delivered... four. The others will be arriving by the end of the week."), the IPTV service that the ISP (Cablecom) supposedly offers ("40 channels, £20/year, you probably need a TV license but... use your own judgement") and the VoIP solution that the ISP offers through BT ("£5/month" - no thanks, SkypeIn is €15/3 months and I wouldn't use it that much anyway).

So I eventually got back here at about 7:40. I've just finished hanging about on the Internet for a couple of hours and am now laying in bed tired as hell. Plan to read a bit of my Terry Pratchett book, The Last Hero, then sleep in time for my masses of stuff that I have to do tomorrow and Thursday.

Also I have failed to find a post box so haven't been able to post Jen's card which I lovingly wrote for her on Saturday evening (and spelt her name wrong :/).

Therefore here is a special mention for Jen: Happy birthday, and I hope you didn't get as drunk out with Hannah tonight as Matthew said he was going to get after drinking all the alcohol in the building due to his inability to talk to Hannah :P Enjoy yourself xx

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Archived Comments

by Matthew Roberts at Sep 27, 2005 11:13:27 PM

haha you bastard! you'd better not show Hannah this page!

by Andrew Gillard at Sep 28, 2005 8:00:30 AM

Heh. You're lucky - I never talk to Hannah these days :P Jen'll see it, but Hannah won't (not intentionally, at least...)

by Matthew Roberts at Sep 27, 2005 11:13:56 PM

And no, getting Jen to show her is also unfair and banned :P