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More Exhaustion

Posted at Wed, 28 Sep 2005, 23:02:08

What can I say? I spent today going to more talks about various things. A brief introduction to the computer systems first at 9 o'clock, then at 11 there was a talk by some careers dude with a little bit of info about the services that his department offers, and also trying to get us thinking about the sorts of careers we plan to get into when we leave the university. He also couldn't stop talking about how wonderful the work placement year is. Lucky I'm doing that then, eh? :p

Then we had about 25 minutes' break before we had a chat from a couple of people from the Students' Union and someone from the Sports Centre. That lot lasted fifteen minutes and the only thing of note was that someone has once tried to register a Beer Society but was refused because the only object of the society was just to get pissed, which the students' union offers already :P

And then at 2pm I had a "maths review". Basically a little test to see how good everyone is at maths and how much they need to teach us. I got full marks apparently, but it was fairly simply stuff really... The big problem was that it was pissing it down on the way down there and still pissing it down on the way back up, so by the time I got back to my room I was soaked through. Not fun.

I didn't have anything else to do all day, though, so I just did my usual online activities.

A very interesting revelation is that I have just discovered that Terry Garoghan started presenting a new radio show this week. For those of you who don't know, until sometime in 2004 he presented SouthenFM's late-night show the Last Bus To Whitehawk (Whitehawk being a particularly dodgy suburb of Brighton which Terry implies in some of his songs - Biznessman in Whitehawk - to be full of criminals). Why he stopped we're not sure. Some say he left to be with his family etc, some say he was sacked by SouthernFM, which is a little odd considering he has won silver and gold Sony Radio Awards. Regardless, though, he is now back on air and I intend to check it out in the morning. He's got a new Brighton The Musical show planned for next year as it'll be the 10th anniversary of it and hopefully I'll be able to go to that...

Amazon and Play claim to have copies of Thud! (Terry Pratchett's new book - what's this with cool people named Terry??) in stock despite it not being released until the 1st October... Very odd.

I'm now going to go to bed since I'm totally exhausted from the week's happenings.

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