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Need To Sleep...

Posted at Thu, 29 Sep 2005, 22:45:07

Hmm... Today's activities involve an induction to the computer labs which was largely telling me stuff that I had already learnt from the Glamorgan website, a meeting and tour of the campus with my academic tutor (a Welsh lady by the name of Geneen) from which I came away with a post-it note pad as a thank-you for filling out some questionnaire thing. Yay.

I also had an LRC induction in room L310. Now the way room naming goes, the first letter corresponds to the block, the first number (if it's a 3-digit number, else prepend a 0) is the floor number, and the last two numbers are the room number on that floor of that block. So you see the "L", think "Ah, so that's L-block". You look on your map and see that L-block is a tiny single-story building behind Tý Crawshaw. The map gives it the impression of a shed, almost. So anyway I wandered down there (a few minutes early as I thought I'd probably get lost, I usually do) and couldn't even find this mystery building. "What the hell?" I think. Then I decided that it'd be stupid to have an LRC induction on the opposite side of campus to the LRC itself, so I went up there and found a load of people I didn't recognise standing outside it, so I sort of wandered around a bit until I found someone who I did recognise as being from my group and followed him into the library. It turns out that all the rooms in the LRC are also L___. Lovely.

Of course just to make the room naming system even more difficult, some buildings' entrances aren't on the ground floor. The main entrance to J-block (Tâf - the School of Computing and the School of Electronics) is on the first floor. The second floor of J-block joins onto the first floor of H-block (Cynon - looks like business or something takes place in there). They just love confusing people around here.

And then this evening was the wonderful wine & cheese quiz. For obvious reasons - i.e. that only computing students were invited - no questions were related to computers in any way. Thus we had questions about Barbie, Postman Pat, Thunderbirds, ornithology, etc. My team got 32 out of a total of 80, which was fairly average really. Not bad considering our team was so multinational: 1 English (me), 1 Welsh (some dude from a village round the corner), 1 Egyptian, 1 Lithuanian and 2 Portuguese (husband & wife with a kid). A couple of questions that I knew the answers to that stick in my mind are "What is Charlie's surname in Charlie and the Chocolate Factory?" - Bucket - and "What is the best-selling UK single?" - Candle In The Wind '97. But we also discovered who approved the patent for the triangular shape of Toblerones.... Albert Einstein :| Just another thing to add to his list of achievements. I should point out that the above statement about Einstein is just according to our quiz. says that he actually didn't (look at question 22, the answers say that it's false), while says that he actually did. I have no idea.

Tomorrow I actually get to relax at last, with no scheduled meetings or talks. There's the freshers' fair in the afternoon, and I really do need to go to Cardiff or Pontypridd sometime.

Tired now so sleepy time :)

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