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Posted at Thu, 10 Feb 2005, 23:48:50

Once again I've spent the day coding, though today I attempted to find the local Tesco since I'm running seriously low on food. Just after midday I checked my mail (cheque book, bank statement covering almost five years for an account I totally forgot I had and have now closed (they were charging me 20% tax on my interest though, the buggers) and a PIN for a debit card I have yet to receive), then wandered down through campus in the direction of the main road. Eventually found my way out through what are apparently the University's main gates but they don't allow traffic through them and they lead into a totally random area of the campus. Went down to the train station, discovered that the road it was on is a dead end so wandered back up the road a bit, went down another road, ended up in a residential area with no sign of the path under the A470 that I was looking for and so decided to go the other way along that road instead. After walking along that road for a good 10-15 minutes and noticing that my path was getting further and further away from the A470 I gave up and headed back to the University.

Popped into the Students' Union on the way back to grab my NUS card but apparently that can only be done on week days, so I'll have to go back tomorrow or something. Got £20 out of the ATM (looks like it gives out £5 notes as it was paid to me in £10+£5+£5 - bizarre..) then came back to my room having achieved painfully little.

Not long after I got back my only remaining flatmate and I decided to check out the union shop to get some food, specifically some bread. Turns out they'd sold out of bread so we came back with a block of cheese, a tin of baked beans and a tube of pringles. Wonderful.

I did then check Google Maps, however, so I now know exactly how to get to Tesco. Turns out I needed to walk about 60 feet further up the road then I would have found the exact path under the A470 that I was looking for. Lovely. Let's hope that it doesn't take too long to walk from there to Tesco as I don't really want to be carrying shopping back too far.

Oh and notices have gone up regarding mini fridge hire. The delivery of fridges still hasn't appeared and is not now expected until about the 19th of the month. Looks like I'll have to make do without my mini fridge for a while :P

Got a meeting with our resident tutor tomorrow evening. That may get in the way of my intentions to find my way to Tesco again. I think I'll print off the map of here to Tesco before I go this time, though ;)

I also got Jen's birthday card posted at last. Turns out there's a post box in the Students' Union. Best place to put it. Not. So since I've posted that on a Sunday she'll probably receive it on Tuesday... Exactly one week late. Woot.

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