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Posted at Sun, 10 Jul 2005, 23:13:40

How to start... I was supposed to wash all my dirty clothes today but never got round to it. I blame the constant hoard of people around the laundry room. Gonna have to do it tomorrow, though. Also tomorrow Peter & I will be going to see Serenity which should be fun.

Flat mates are out at the union again, and they've left the kitchen in a total tip. Again. I have photographic evidence today, though:
View as I enter the kitchen..

The sink area. Look carefully - the tap is running and the washing up is half done with water in the bowl.

A closer view of the table with two plates of half-finished Chinese food and about a million half-empty glasses. That scene of glasses carried on round the entire kitchen...

Who wants to bet that the cleaners will be in tomorrow morning? 8-)

Also a few pics that I took in the past week but never posted:
The paint scratched off the corners of my nice shiny new TFT in the car on the way up here :( It instantly makes something that's only a month or so old look like it's been hanging around for years. Totally spoils the effect. Might have to invest in some silver paint to sort that out cos it looks so ugly it's not fair.

The view from my bedroom window across the University and the rest of Treforest and the A470. Tesco is about 1-2 miles to the right of that pic. I think it's visible from my window, but I can't tell too well. 2 miles is a little too far to see with the naked eye, even if it is right across a valley. What I need is something like this:

The view of the side of Accommodation Lodge and three of the five vending machines visible from our kitchen window.

Bed now. Flat mates still not back but it's only 11pm. I'll probably be asleep by the time they appear.

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The Wee Free Men by too early to remember at Aug 10, 2005 7:08:26 AM

Didn't know Serenity was a sorta brought back to life Firefly. It's all getting clearer now :)

You could mention to someone higher about the mess, or the ones who didn't leave the mess could aim higher - if they blokes of course ;)