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Posted at Sat, 10 Sep 2005, 23:48:17

Sorry about the lack of post yesterday but I was totally knackered after getting back from Newport that I went to bed fairly soon. So yes, yesterday I caught the train to Newport to see Serenity. I left my room around 12:50 and managed to hold up everyone at the train station for about 10 minutes while the ticket dude sorted out my Young Person's Railcard, and then the train to Cardiff that was supposed to arrive at 1:10 (the one that goes down through Cardiff and then onto Barry) was delayed by 14 minutes so I ended up catching one that was going to Radyr. I was kind of hoping it would actually go to Cardiff as the sign thing just said "Calling at Taffs Well and Radyr", while the spoken announcement listed loads of places after Radyr including Cardiff Central. Stupid system. Anyway I eventually got to Cardiff Central at 1:40 and immediately had no idea where I was supposed to be going. After looking at the signs at the bottom of the flights of stairs I worked out that two platforms were for trains going West towards Swansea etc, two were for trains going North to Pontypridd & Merthyr Tydfil and South to Penarth and Barry and the remaining two platforms were for trains going East out of Wales - towards London and Bristol. Since Newport is one of the few places in Wales that is East of Cardiff I wandered up onto those platforms to look for a train. Both of the trains scheduled to arrive were set to depart around 2:25-2:30 - half an hour after I was supposed to meet Peter in Newport. I had no choice, though, so I waited around and caught the 2:30 train to Bristol Temple Meads. Newport is the first stop and it took a whole ten minutes to get there. Seems a bit crap after having waited on the platform for 45 minutes. So all in all my trip to Newport that should have taken 50 minutes ended up taking almost two hours.

But anyway Peter arrived and we went off to McDonald's and the cinema after almost turning right to start driving the wrong way up a dual-carriageway. Cool. We also popped off to Asda before we saw Serenity so Peter could buy a belt and I could buy the hair brush, hair bands and drawing pins I've been waiting to buy for weeks.

Serenity kicked total arse and was well worth the... £3.30 that it cost us each to see it. Gotta love student tickets. :D It will definitely be on my to-buy list when it comes out on DVD.

Today not very much has happened. TB and I have spent some time trying to fix up the Web2Messenger bots without much success. I've now decided to try and get my old PHP-MSN bot working again to see if that fixes the current problems. I'm doubtful but we have little choice.

I think that's pretty much all that's happened today, actually. Three of my flat mates had no power in their rooms while I wrote this as they somehow managed to trip a fuse. I'm pretty lucky that they seem to split the 6 flats onto two fuses otherwise my desktop would have died halfway through making a full backup. Now that it's finished ripping episodes of Stargate day in, day out, I'm going to get in the habit of running an incremental backup every night before I put it into standby for the night. That way I should hopefully suffer no total-computer-death-causing-my-coursework-to-vanish situations. I can then also do a full backup every weekend and keep an extra copy of my work and other highly important stuff on my NW-HD5H just in case I manage to get a file-eating virus on my computer.

Oh and I did manage to confirm that Tesco will deliver to Glamorgan Halls of Residence, as evidenced by the presence of one of their delivery vans driving round behind M block then a few minutes later emerging and driving off. Whoever they were delivering to is obviously rich and/or stupid as Sunday deliveries cost around £6-7 compared to about £3-4 on Tuesdays/Wednesdays.

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