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Posted at Sun, 16 Oct 2005, 00:51:34

Long time no post... I blame the fact that I really haven't been doing much. I ordered a nice wireless access point on Thursday evening for delivery next Thursday but it seems that Initial City Link already have it in their possession for delivery on Monday. A certain friend of mine says that they'll keep it in their warehouse until Thursday but I am hoping that they'll deliver it on Monday, since their website says that the scheduled delivery date is Monday. We shall see who is correct.

Also my room fridge arrived on Friday. It's pretty cool (pun not intented) and worryingly it's not much smaller than the one in our kitchen so I'm keeping the vast majority of my cold stuff in it now. It's even got a mini ice box thing where I can keep a couple of packs of rolls since they won't fit in our far-too-small freezer.
Front view of the fridge.
Inside view of it.

Went bowling this evening. I was totally thrashed by everyone but what's new, eh? The bar staff there sucked and were so slow that we were queuing for 20-30 minutes to be served.

On the recommendation of the aforementioned friend I have downloaded and installed Eclipse - an IDE for developing applications written in various languages (Java in my case). It's pretty nice, though its advantages over Jdeveloper (what we use in our Computer Programming module) appear to be limited to the fact that I can understand what the hell it's doing. Jdeveloper had a nice ability to just drag-drop GUI elements to create an interface, which Eclipse lacks, but creating a GUI with Eclipse meant I actually had to learn how interfaces are made in Java. I'm now looking at two things in Java:

  • Compiling programs into a .exe file, and
  • Server/client socket stuff.

I finished reading The Last Hero last night. Pretty good story and some stunning illustrations in it, so much so that I scanned some of my favourites this morning and turned the image of Death riding Binky into an MSN Messenger Display Picture as it was a truly brilliant image.

Shopping from Tesco arrived on Thursday, too, but that's not really very interesting :P

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Archived Comments

by Daf at Oct 21, 2005 10:27:20 PM

Have you filled the fridge yet?

by Lord d'Eath at Oct 26, 2005 6:54:35 PM

It has stuff in it. Not exactly "full", though.