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Yay for Microsoft and Sony!

Posted at Wed, 25 Oct 2006, 21:27:04

Okay this is basically copying Daniel Rutter's blog post on the subject but I consider both to be worthy of me posting about as well.

Firstly we have Microsoft decided that after paying a small fortune (£190 for Vista Home Premium - the non-useless Home version - and £325 for Vista Ultimate - the version with Remote Desktop server enabled) for Vista in the first place, you'll only be able to upgrade your computer once, and on your second upgrade you have to buy another copy of Vista.

Awesome, Microsoft! How do you think you'll get away with that one? Oh sure, you've put it in the EULA that no-one ever reads, but those things have yet to be proven in courts to actually be worth the paper they aren't written on.

More realistically they'll have the EU fining them even more money (though for reasons I consider legitimate this time - I still think that their previous fines were whimsical) and/or people will not use Windows Vista, as the article states.

Looks like I might be putting on hold my plans to buy Vista. Such a shame, Microsoft. I actually planned to spend real money on purchasing Vista, but I enjoy tinkering with my PC's hardware far too much to justify any nonsensical and dubiously-legal restriction on upgrade frequency. Sorry about that; guess that's £190 of my cash you won't be getting your hands on.

The second article is about Sony pushing Lik Sang out of business by sending them lots of excitingly invalid lawsuits.

That link itself doesn't contain a lot of useful information, but this comment does.

If only a boycot of the variety suggested in the first comment of that article would actually work, but we all know that boycots are about as useful as online petitions.

Oh well, while I wasn't planning on buying a PS3 at any point, but the Microsoft thing has definitely put me off getting Vista any time soon.

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