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My Xbox 360 Died Again!

Posted at Wed, 8 Aug 2007, 14:28:57

Update (2007/09/22):
I should probably update this to say that on the 30th August I received a refurbished Xbox 360 from Microsoft that not only works (no problems thus far, and I've had many a 5-hour gaming session on it), but it also considerably quieter than my last one. So it would seem that contrary to what I had read elsewhere, Microsoft are still sending refurbished units out instead of fixing and returning people's original console. For me, this was a good thing, but for others I can imagine it wouldn't be.

Well, here we go again.

Let's start from the top (this time). A couple of months ago (late May/early June) my Xbox 360 started displaying a bright red/pink tint over games for varying periods of time. The exact times it occurred depended on the game, but it was more frequent in Oblivion than in Crackdown, and in FlatOut it only occurred for a few minutes, approximately 10 minutes after first starting the game, after which point it was fine. In some games it was even very clear that the game's HUD was unaffected by the tint, while the rest of the game was (though in some games, both were affected with graphical glitches in some ways - HUDs, including the Dashboard, gained faint vertical lines).

Witness some examples below:

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Silly Xboxes! by Hani at Oct 8, 2007 8:06:20 PM

Fun! Fun!
I avoid at all costs these type of things.. or maybe I have just been lucky and not needed to try and get something fixed. (apart from cameras :P)
Hope Xbox gets better soon!

Me Tooo! by Michael at Nov 10, 2007 5:21:35 PM

This exact thing happened to me as well. Right after the update bam e74. This makes me irritated at Microsoft for breaking my console and then charging to fix it.....I am thinking about filling a lawsuit. Anyone else?

SHAGGED Xbox 360 by Redneck-Hunter07 at Apr 30, 2008 1:38:27 PM

Am Gonna rant 2 about the 360 the R.O.D is a pain in the hole and i have sent mines away 2 be fixed AGAIN (for free luckily) although this is the second time it has happened im seriously thinking of switching allegiences to COUGH!!! Sony (as i have no gripes about the cuddly folk at Nintendo). You would think that instead of giving you a refurbed console they would issue a brand spanking new one (with less of a chance of buggering up. As for the folk at the support centre JESUS how hard is it (even if they are wired to the moon) to get my name wrong the last time they sent my UPS label it was for a Kenneth (which sounds hee haw like Craig) i think i may get a few of my fellow comrades to KILT UP, WHACK ON THE WARPAINT, & Cause HAVOK! IN HAVANT!!!! just for the sheer fact that their Console Repair Centre turnaround is MINCE!!!

The Xbox Build By Aliens To Tourment Mankind? by Bill Gates at Aug 28, 2008 4:27:57 PM

I literally just have no words to describe the level of insanity to best fill out (the quality of my repair process) survey form.
I am left in absolute amazement at the repair service I received for my child’s X-Box.
Did a cartoon repair the unit? Or was it just thrown down a flight of stairs. Maybe just running it through the dish washer or a cycle in the washing machine is all it needs?

I received the X-box back from repairs on 8/11/08 straight away set it up for my stepson to play when he came home from camp. Not only was there no video feed but the unit also proceeded to scratch up the halo 3 disc while make a noise. A noise that can only be described as grinding marbles and steel ball bearing in a blender but REALLY crunchy and LOUD. I was also blown away by being told I would not get a new halo 3 disc!

So in summery, and for the infinite places this will be posted (my students I teach will to see to that) 30% of which also got the so called “ring of death” followed by similar “repair” experiences.
My x-box that broke wasn’t repaired but came back masquerading as a fixed unit so it could eat up a game that I am told I WILL HAVE TO REPURCHASE?

Keep up the meticulous craftsmanship, which is only augmented by your stellar customer service and relations, and the X-box branch of micro-soft should drive itself out of business within-in the next 5 years.

[email protected]

Received 2nd repair attempt on 8/27/08 and as expected the unit does not work. I am Sending the xbox back for repairs for a THIRD TIME.
You guys really don’t try to fix these games do you? You just switch the serial numbers around on all the broken units at the factory, and just randomly send them back to your customers…huh? That just makes more sense than having 3 tries at fixing a broken game and not succeeding. Or is it that the Xbox is so badly made in the first place that no amount of so called (repairs) will fix it. Unless by fix you mean BUILD IT OVER FROM SCRACTH.

If You Want Real Answers Just GOOGLE ( Lawsuit Against Xbox ) by Bill Gates at Aug 28, 2008 4:38:01 PM

If you want real answers just GOOGLE ( lawsuit against xbox )