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More Spooky Occurrences


What the hell is this? A CAD comic containing both a character whose name contains "lorddeath", but also a character named Andrew in the same panel.

Spooky Xbox Blog


I'm a little concerned that my Xbox 360's blog[1] says "he better not be playing with a Nintendo Wii" on the day after mine's delivered and, in fact, I had spent a good part of the day playing LoZ Twilight Princess. There is nowhere where could have obtained that data, it's just a coincidence. A very spooky coincidence, though.

Yay for Ebuyer!


Here we go again. It appears that Ebuyer have taken a leaf out of Microsoft's book, with regard to sucking.

Last Saturday I spent far too much money buying new computer components and stuff and, in order to make sure that they were delivered on a day that I wouldn't be at uni, I selected "Priority" shipping - Wednesday 22nd November. For reasons known only to themselves, Ebuyer split my order and decided to dispatch it from two different warehouses. That, in itself, is no problem - it should still all arrive on the same day, just in even more boxes than if it was sent from one location. The problem is that warehouse #2 appears to be totally and utterly incompetant. I would go so far as to say braindead.

Yup, Microsoft Still Suck Quite Badly...


So, last Saturday my Xbox 360 finally died. Ever since I first bought it almost a year ago it's done the infamous 3-red-lights trick when first being booted after a long period (a few hours) of being turned off, but it would boot fine on the second or third attempt. Not so, this time. It booted maybe 10% of the time, and even when it did manage to get to the Dashboard occasionally it would crash after a few minutes of trying to play a game.

Luckily Microsoft's Xbox 360 customer support line is open on Saturdays, so we phoned them, told them (an Indian woman - now isn't that surprising?) what was happening, she went through the usual troubleshooting routine containing all the exciting things that I had already tried, then fairly quickly (by customer support standards) said that they'd take it in to be fixed. Hooray! I then proceeded to spend the next forty-five minutes trying to give her my address details.

Update on the Vista EULA Situation


I suppose I should follow up to my rant against Microsoft and Sony to say that Microsoft have realised their stupidity and changed the EULA for Vista to be what you'd expect, really.

Sony still suck, however.