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Still Haven't Done Much...


While today was technically my first day of lessons and stuff I still haven't got much done. I had a tutorial for my "Introduction to Multimedia and the Web" module, the work for which I completed in about 15 minutes. It was basically "open a new document. find the University logo. find some urls to some stuff. find a book online and in the library. save the document", so easy stuff, really. Then I just had a look around the system to see what was installed and so on. Firefox wasn't installed - only Internet Explorer - so I just downloaded Portable Firefox (Google it) to my flash drive. No way am I going to use IE :P

Then I had a lecture for Professional & Business Skills in which they were basically saying "omfg we screwed up timetables!" so nothing's really happening for that this week. I had a tutorial for it at 3pm and it lasted a whole ten minutes because we had nothing to do. Got to print off a couple of things for next week though.

I Suck At Finding Stuff


Once again I've spent the day coding, though today I attempted to find the local Tesco since I'm running seriously low on food. Just after midday I checked my mail (cheque book, bank statement covering almost five years for an account I totally forgot I had and have now closed (they were charging me 20% tax on my interest though, the buggers) and a PIN for a debit card I have yet to receive), then wandered down through campus in the direction of the main road. Eventually found my way out through what are apparently the University's main gates but they don't allow traffic through them and they lead into a totally random area of the campus. Went down to the train station, discovered that the road it was on is a dead end so wandered back up the road a bit, went down another road, ended up in a residential area with no sign of the path under the A470 that I was looking for and so decided to go the other way along that road instead. After walking along that road for a good 10-15 minutes and noticing that my path was getting further and further away from the A470 I gave up and headed back to the University.

Popped into the Students' Union on the way back to grab my NUS card but apparently that can only be done on week days, so I'll have to go back tomorrow or something. Got £20 out of the ATM (looks like it gives out £5 notes as it was paid to me in £10+£5+£5 - bizarre..) then came back to my room having achieved painfully little.



No, really, I've done nothing today at all... All I've done is code Web2Messenger. Sure I may have added Display Picture support to Status images and finished up preparations for the site to be translated, but all things considered I've achieved very little today. It's a shame, really, but that's how things go sometimes.

I also got FTP working to home (FTP port wasn't forwarded 8-)) and finished setting up my custom-coded PHP RSS Aggregator so I can read all my RSS feeds again.

Day Off!!


Okay well Ben insists so here it is... I haven't really done anything of interest today, though.

I woke up around 8 because I went to be reasonably early (11ish I guess), chatted on IRC for a bit, then had a knock on the door from some accommodation services woman who wanted to basically talk to us in the kitchen. A couple of the girls were still in bed so came wandering out in dressing gowns etc. Not surprising considering it was only like 8:30. Wtf. Turns out the cleaners had seen the state of the kitchen (it was hilariously messy, but don't blame me, it really was just everyone else :P). Seems that last night my lovely flatmates had just left bottles of drink, bags of chips and stuff lying around the kitchen and the cleaners couldn't get in to clean properly.

Need To Sleep...


Hmm... Today's activities involve an induction to the computer labs which was largely telling me stuff that I had already learnt from the Glamorgan website, a meeting and tour of the campus with my academic tutor (a Welsh lady by the name of Geneen) from which I came away with a post-it note pad as a thank-you for filling out some questionnaire thing. Yay.

I also had an LRC induction in room L310. Now the way room naming goes, the first letter corresponds to the block, the first number (if it's a 3-digit number, else prepend a 0) is the floor number, and the last two numbers are the room number on that floor of that block. So you see the "L", think "Ah, so that's L-block". You look on your map and see that L-block is a tiny single-story building behind Tý Crawshaw. The map gives it the impression of a shed, almost. So anyway I wandered down there (a few minutes early as I thought I'd probably get lost, I usually do) and couldn't even find this mystery building. "What the hell?" I think. Then I decided that it'd be stupid to have an LRC induction on the opposite side of campus to the LRC itself, so I went up there and found a load of people I didn't recognise standing outside it, so I sort of wandered around a bit until I found someone who I did recognise as being from my group and followed him into the library. It turns out that all the rooms in the LRC are also L___. Lovely.