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UNIX Timestamp is, at the time of posting this, 1111111111!! :p

Messenger Plus! 3.50!


After spending a couple of months in testing, Messenger Plus! 3.50 is at last available to the public!

I urge people to download this new version if you have not done so already, and experience the great fun of Custom Emotion Sounds!!




That's the only way to describe the new Legend of Zelda trailer, really. THIS is the Zelda game that we were promised back in 1999/2000 before the Gamecube had even been released. It's just stunning. If you haven't seen it yet then go and do so. Now.

Lack of updates, eh?


Mmm so it looks as if I havn't posted here in some time.. I blame NFSU2 and NWN!

Also my computing/electronics projects are glaring at me in the hope of me doing them. That's not going to be happening any time soon...

Maxtor = array("Products"=>"Shit", "Support"=>"Good");


Well I have an RMA number now. I got it late last night actually, but didn't post :p

If you're viewing this site on a browser that isn't IE on Windows, you will see that I've done some fancy CSS stuff that, well, totally pwns beyond pwnage. It's that simple. Transparent PNG-backgrounded static tables. Could life be any better? I think not.