Andrew's Stuff

Mishal will make faith rods on request, either for Sek followers, or for priests or followers of other gods.

The following rods have already been completed and are ready to be purchased immediately.

Batons (Single rituals)

Ritual Baton type Charge level Price
Cure Medium Wounds Pale yellow baton Impressed A$300
Major Shield Pale yellow baton Impressed A$500
Light Purple baton Imprinted A$1000
Profound Darkness Ribboned baton Imprinted A$1500
Visions Wooden baton Imprinted A$1500
Holy Weapon Serrated baton Imprinted A$1500
Holy Sacrifice Purple baton Imprinted A$1500
Fear Coral baton Imprinted A$1500

Canes (Two rituals)

Rituals Cane type Charge level Price
All sold out. More on the way soon!

Last updated: 1 Nov, 2014