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Priests Guild Pre-Titles

A table of guild titles available to priests and the guild level at which you gain them is already available on the Discworld Priests Wiki, however while it lists a few examples of pre-titles it doesn't (yet) give details on when they're obtained. To remedy this situation I have produced the following table listing the pre-titles that Mishal gained and the guild level he gained them at. Obviously the gender-specific ones (Brother, Blessed father, etc.) will not be the same if your character is female, but the alternative should be obvious.

Pre-Title Guild Level
Brother/Sister 51
Mostly reverend 101
Reverend 151
Blessed 201
Blessed father/mother 221
Blessed brother/sister 223
Venerable 251
Venerable brother/sister 261
Venerable father/mother 271
Holy 300
Holy brother 311

Last updated: 1 Nov, 2014