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This is the script that I use in MUSHclient to give me a status bar at the bottom of the window displaying my current HP, GP and XP.

It collects data from "score", "score brief", the combat monitor ("monitor on" if you haven't already done that...) and the MXP entities that the MUD sends back every time you enter a command (if you have MXP enabled), then estimates your current HP/GP/XP based on the number of heartbeats that have elapsed since the last set of data was received and your HP/GP regen rate. It isn't 100% accurate, but I've found that it's good enough for my purposes.

It looks something like this:
Status Bar




Only limited configuration is needed. Open up the downloaded .js file in Notepad (or your text editor of choice - Visual Studio handles .js files nicely, but that's overkill for these purposes); the only two lines that you need to check are the first two non-comment lines:

After those two lines, the rest of the configuration only affects the aesthetics of the status bar:

I provide this script for free without any warranties, implied or otherwise, etc. etc. etc., but should you have problems with it, feel free to give me (i.e. Mishal) a shout on the MUD and I can try to help you. As for the copyright status of this script; yes, I made it, but it's so short (under 200 lines) and comparitively trivial, so I'm not going to come running after anyone using it in any way, so long as it's not in a way that is detrimental to myself (e.g. converting it to a script that does damage to the user's computer, then blaming it on me).

Also, major fluffs to Wodan for adding the MaxGP and MaxHP MXP entities recently. The data has existed inside the entities as an attribute for some time, but MUSHclient wasn't able to extract it - the new entities have fixed that little problem.

Last updated: 1 Nov, 2014