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Posted at Mon, 10 Oct 2005, 22:47:25

I was given a new timetable today that moved my Professional & Business Skills tutorial to Tuesdays and added in a maths lecture on Friday mornings at 10, so I no longer have Fridays off. Baaahh.

My Professional & Business Skills lecture was boring but needed. I think it's going to become a module that I really hate but at the same time really need to do as I currently suck at interviews and similar businessy type things. Got to write myself a CV over the next couple of weeks so that'll be great fun. We've been given a sheet with a list of job vacancies and we have to write our CV as if we're applying for one of them and then make a 5-minute presentation explaining why we are good for the job.

Introduction to Multimedia and the Web taught me my very first bits of Flash's ActionScript so yay. Flash is still really weird and I still can't grasp it fully but that's why I'm doing the module, after all.

Information Resource Engineering is, as predicted, just re-doing what I've already done at A-level but it's necessary for those people who haven't yet done any computing work. I might be annoyed if I was having to pay my tuition fees but I'm not so I'm not.

I was invited to the 19th birthday party of one of the girls who lives next door in flat 6. I popped over there briefly while they lit the cake's candles and sang Happy Birthday and everything but I've been really tired so I'm getting an early night - it's 10:30 as I write this and I will hopefully be asleep by 11:30 after reading some of The Last Hero. Nat said that it wasn't a particularly fun party, anyway - she took a magazine over there to occupy herself.

Still haven't got Web2Messenger fixed, but I'm getting there. It's just a lot of modifying (and, in some places, re-writing) the PHP bot I wrote for it originally. So much has changed with the system since I wrote it that it's a hell of a big change.

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by Di at Nov 10, 2005 9:19:09 PM

If ur writing this at 10.30 why does it say 21.47 up there ^^
Is Wales in a different time zone to everyone else?? :P

8-) by Andrew at Dec 10, 2005 10:24:00 AM

Um cos it took me another 17 minutes before I posted it and the site is probably displaying times in GMT rather than BST.